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3 Quick Tips for Design Trends in 2020

01 Jul 2021

2020, a fresh new decade, a fresh new year. And with that, it also means fresh new looks!

Be it to give your house a brand-new look, to have a conducive office to work in or for you to entice more people to enter your shop, we will be sharing what kind of trends to expect in the year 2020!

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Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is the introduction of greenery into the working space to connect or integrate natural elements and give a sense of affinity to the people around them. Studies have shown that biophilic elements have positive physical and psychological effects on the inhabitants.

Adding in plants (be it real or fake) into a busy office provides an environment that reduces stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, improving productivity and the staff’s well-being.

One big example would be Changi Jewel’s famous indoor waterfall!


Sustainable Design

With the alarming rate of global warming signs on the rise, people now are more aware of how important it is to keep the eco-system balanced and are more open to exploring sustainable designs.

Sustainable design focuses on energy efficiency and reducing impact, leaving as little eco-footprint as possible and recycling items as much as possible.

Quick tips on how to create a sustainable space would be to:

  • Reducing the amount of raw material used for renovations. Maintaining the original state of the building is barely touched keeps use of construction and other materials to the minimum.

  • Breathe new life to old furniture and decorative items by refurbishing or refinishing them!

  • Plan well on how much natural sunlight can be incorporated into your planning and use LED, halogens or compact fluorescent lights to amplify energy-efficient electricity usage.



We see the drop of people using neutral colours and introducing darker, brighter and bolder colours into the pallet. Pastel colours such like deep teal, coral along with complimentary materials such as graphite and phosphorescent white comes hand in hand. Grey is still used, but much warmer in tone accompanied with a dark accent colour.

Inspired by Biophilia, muted natural colours such as green, blue and brown along with subtle hints of yellow or purple gives a calming and restful ambience.




Source: Pinterest

And not forgetting, The Pantone colour of the year, Classic Blue.




Source: Pinterest

We look forward to welcome the year with more Greens incorporated to the decor, an increased use of eco-friendly materials being used for a sustainable future in mind and vibrant array of dark colours with muted pastels.